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This soap belongs to the same type of Arabian nights soap, but what distinguishes it that it contains a larger percent of fragrant royal perfumes to fit the gust of people who like fragrant scent which last longer than the one that exist in its counterpart.
This unique soap is made especially for those who like the strong perfume which fraught of orient's aromas and royal sense. This soap idea inspired from climate of Arabian nights story with what charm and fantasy in it, to give its user a special feeling , taking him through the efflux graceful scent . Besides its components from special selection of oriental royal natural perfumes (which gives the body wonderful smell for hours after bath), it does contain a natural selection of beneficial vegetables oils for both body and hair .
Royal Arabian night soap components:
(Olive oil – laurel oil – palms oil - Castor-oil – Coconut oil) and other natural vegetables oils, we add to this mixture a high percentage of natural oriental royal perfumes ( ambergris – musk – saffron - rose) which give this soap its values and characteristics.
* Royal Arabian night soap is made in traditional handmade ways, and it is totally free from any kinds of coloring, animal fats or any genetically modified materials.
Bar weight: Each bar is about a 150 gram approximately.
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