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Natural hand made soap, with unique combination of high quality oils that are known for their great benefits. We anticipated the others in using laurel oil in high percentage to benefit from its special properties; It is widely used for bronchial medical treatment to cure many skin and backache diseases, it helps treating Eczema & Acne. And at the same time it cleans and cleanses the body to help in getting rid of the bacteria causing the bad smell. Beside that, it nourishes the skin and gives it strength and freshness and helps in delaying the skin wrinkles.
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Along side with laurel oil, Olive Oil is very important in Noble laurel Soap manufacturing. For that, we used in our combination pure olive oil (food grade) for its great benefits for the skin and the hair. It nourishes and softens the skin and the hair, and helps healing the skin wounds and infection. Also, it nourishes the hair's roots, giving it strength and softness .
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This soap is made using cold method in making soap and it contains a collection of useful oils like coconuts oil, pure cotton's seed oil, palm oil, etc. This combination of oils presents us the best of what we can have of soap both for the body and the hair, at the same time.
Because it:
•  Gives the feeling of safeness, because it is natural & made of pure vegetable oils and free from any chemical perfumes, colors, animal's fat or any genetically modified materials, so it doesn't harm skin or hair beside it is environmental friendly.
•  Nourishes the skin and the hair's roots.
•  Gives the skin softens, strength and freshness, with the feeling of cleanliness and refreshment.
•  Gets rid of the smelly bacteria, and gives a natural beautiful odor. Each bar of noble laurel soap is packaged by unique & workable package; it is covered with special kind of nylon sheets to protect its valuable combination from oxidation. The bar also packaged with special green paper from out side and fillet with natural herbal binds.
  Available sizes: Noble laurel soap is available in three sizes: Large bars; 160 gram for each bar -This size is available in special boxes which contain three bars, its weight is (0.5) kilo gram approximately Medium bars; 100 gram for each bar Small bars; 40 gram for each bar (designed for hotels & hospitals)
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