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Soap For Hope!
Nature and sustainability are in the heart of our noble soap products and business model through our circular raw materials, recyclable packaging, no use of palm oil and no plastic waste left by any how! thats the least we can do while we witnessing one of the biggest collective health catastrophes humanity knew ..
The Laurel Crown and our Noble Logo
Laurel crown is a sign of beauty, care and nature as its been through history, the story of the laurel crown..
Zero Waste Weddings. Let yourself be inspired by the wedding soap! inspiring concept for zero waste charming weddings and personal gift soap from Noble Soap
We are Holding a beauty ritual that is over 4000 years old: Aleppo soap. At “Noble Soap”, Authenticity, Quality and sustainability comes together, says our CEO in his interview with Das biber Magazine!
Natural Noble™ in Viennale 20
Photo: © Viennale / Rainer Dempf Natural Noble™ Soap Sponsor Vienna International Film Festival “Viennale 20” in favour of personal hygiene, health, nature and social development
Not just soap, but a high standard of sustainability
In Wien entstehen jeden Tag neue Betriebe mit spannenden Geschäftsideen. „Wer Qualität herstellen will, muss seine Produkte lieben…
Facts About olives
The Olive tree was mentioned as a holy tree in several religions, ancient myths and stories…
Daphni and Apolo Myth
The stories of the Hellenistic and Roman authors of the ancient times have inspired many artists…
Aleppo Soap
More than 4000 years ago, ancient Syrians started a ritual, that set the ground rules for beauty…
About The Laurel
Laurel tree can be found in the Mediterranean, colonizing coastal shores and brings together…
The soap maker in Vienna
In an Interview with Kurier dated back in 2016, Mr. Nabil Andoura the founder of Noble Soap Co…



3 days ago

Unser Flagshipstore am Brunnenmarkt ist bereit für die Eröffnung am dritten März und das ist bald da! Wir sind beides, begeistert und dankbar für die Menge an Wohlwollen und Unterstützung, die ... See more

4 days ago

Your natural alternative skin and hair care products partner🌱
Ihr Partner für natürliche, alternative Haut- und Haarpflegeprodukte.

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5 days ago

Auf der aktuellen Monatsausgabe von "Die Zeitschrift für internationale Politik" finden Sie unsere Nobel Soap Briefmarke mit der Olive, die den Lorbeer küsst, auf dem Backcover 😍 Wir wünschen ... See more

6 days ago

Unser Leitfaden für sicheres Einkaufen in diesen kritischen Zeiten, bleiben Sie sicher und gesund 🌱🛁💚♻️✅

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Our love birds during their lunch break❣️ Adam is still in town and helping Rosa in her decorative work for the new Noble Soap flagship store in yppenplatz! pass by them for Hi ... See more