Daphni and Apolo Myth

daphni and apollo myth mosaic

The stories of the Hellenistic and Roman authors of ancient times have inspired many artists today. One of the most popular stories that comes from Greek mythology is the myth of Daphne and Apollo.

Apollo was the Greek god of archery, medicine, music, art, poetry, and, of course, sound. It was also said that Apollo was a remarkable warrior. Apollo’s status as the god of archery led to conflict with the god of love, Cupid. Cupid believed that he himself should have been the patron of archery, due to his superior skill with the bow and arrow.

Apollo's love to Daphne
statue of Apollo and Daphne

In this myth, Apollo insults Cupid, who returns later to seek his revenge armed with two arrows: one made of gold that inspired love and one made of lead that inspired hatred. Cupid shoots Apollo with the golden arrows causing him to fall in love with a river nymph named Daphne. Daphne, on the other hand, is shot with the lead arrow, thus causing her to hate Apollo.

Despite Daphne’s hatred of him, Apollo’s love did not fade. In an effort to convince her of his love, he followed her, longing for her, but she continually rejected him and fled. Eventually, Cupid took pity on Apollo and intervened to help him catch up to Daphne, as the god, Apollo, was bound to her via the golden arrow and could not leave her be.  

In an effort to save herself Daphne called upon her father. “Help me, Peneus! Open the earth to enclose me, or change my form, which has brought me into this danger! Let me be free of this man from this moment forward!” And with Peneus answered her plea and “a heavy numbness seizes her limbs; her soft breasts were surrounded by a thin bark, her hair changed into the foliage, her forearms changed into branches; her foot, just now swift, now clinged because of sluggish roots.” She was turned into a noble laurel tree.

This, however, was still not enough to make Apollo’s love for her fade. He vowed still to honor Daphne forever.

“Always my hair will have you, my lyres will have you, my quivers will have you, laurel tree. You will be present to two Latin places when the happy voice will sing a triumph and they will visit the great ceremonies at the Capitoline Hill.”

Using his own godly powers of eternal youth and immortality, Apollo decided to render Daphne evergreen. And this is why the leaves of the bay laurel tree will never decay.

This myth shows the beauty and importance of the laurel tree in ancient history.

Additionally, it teaches us the delicate nature of the laurel and its importance.

This is the same way we should treat our body; using only the most natural products created out of the most natural and sustainable ingredients. Just like Apollo, we should love the laurel tree. And just like Daphne, we should use the delicate flower to treat ourselves in the best possible way.

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