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Unsere Geschichte

Noble Soap Co. Is a leading olive & laurel traditional Aleppo soap producer & a signature market leader in the personal care items world, offering a wide range of the highest quality of natural olive & laurel soap & personal care products.

The Company was established in 1998 as a family business and as translation for its founder Mr. Nabil ANDOURA Vision and well, followed by joining of his son Mr. Ahmad ANDOURA and who is leading management and commercial activities currently, alongside to a great team whom are engaged in different forms in different Noble production activities and commercial operations.

Noble Soap Co. was manufacturing from a production plant in Aleppo, along to warehouses in the costal side of Syria where laurel trees forests grows, with head quarter in the capital Damascus, offering a wide range of the highest quality of natural olive & laurel authentic Aleppo ghar soap & other personal care items. 

With export channels and branches in multiple destinations around the globe, along to a remarkable distribution channels covering the main premium retails and outlets in MENA region. With the conflict emerging in Syria, the founders moved and shut down their activities after a huge lose in the company assets. 

Today, the founders reactivated their production from the southern part of turkey where most of their x-team members lives, with a commercial Head quarter registered as limited liability corporate in Vienna, Austria, and working on expansion for a new commercial and retail branch in London.