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Pouring the saponificated mix of olive and laurel oils to harden before cutting it into bars and stamp it manually one by one!
Gießen Sie die verseifte Mischung aus Oliven- und ... Sehen Sie mehr

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The olive tree is considered to be a holy tree across several religions, believes, ancient myths and stories. Its precious fruit and magnificent oil are known, esteemed and used for its multitude of ... Sehen Sie mehr

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Lavender oil is a great essential oil known for its aromatic therapy uses and it’s antibacterial properties. Lavender oil can benefit the skin in numerous ways, It has the ability to lessen acne ... Sehen Sie mehr

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Noble Soap is proud to be part of Vienna international film festival sponsors “Viennale 20”🎥
We remain committed to support our communities needs🍀


Noble Soap ist stolz ... Sehen Sie mehr

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Our beloved friends are taking care of their health safety, and protecting your health by wearing the face mask! pass by our main store in Vienna for a free natural washable cotton mask or get it ... Sehen Sie mehr