Natural Noble™ in Viennale 20


Natural Noble™ Soap Sponsor Vienna International Film Festival “Viennale 20”

This year “Viennale 20” faces the challenge of the Covid pandemic adding big pressure on the organisers to apply high standards of health safety measures, which they do perfectly with an authentic spirit and motivation to their mission for art and social development And together with Noble Soap GmbH, the Natural Noble™ Soap Gift bars are distributed within the Viennale gift bags in favour of personal hygiene, health, nature and social development, for us in Noble Soap we are committed to support our communities needs and glad to be part of VIENNALE 20 sponsors.

This year, Viennale 20 Chosen The Viennale’s mushroom as their visual outfit, The poster subject of the Viennale 2020 is a cheerful collection of stylized toadstools (Amanita muscaria), which have always been iconographically associated with psychedelic experiences. Just as cinema, with its surprising perspectives, inspires unexpected insights and visions and opens perspectives into new worlds. These aspects of transformation, astonishment and liberation are what the Viennale wants to evoke with their poster subject. The Viennale’s mushroom, neither animal nor plant, is reminiscent of both, although it stubbornly remains something else – something that can continue to transform itself.

Fungi live in symbiosis with other animal and plant beings, or they are their parasites, including those of humans. Fungi play a fundamental role in the cycle of nature and in the exchange of nutrients in the environment: they are the originators of decomposition and they transform organic matter. Fungi live in dark environments, a characteristic they have in common with the cinema.

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