W’s & Impact

W’s & Impact


Noble Soap Co. is a leading traditional olive & laurel Aleppo soap producer and a signature market leader in its sector with a wide range of the highest quality natural soaps & personal care products


Noble Soap Co. began its production from a plant in Aleppo, Syria with warehouses along the coast where natural laurel forests grow and headquarters in Damascus. This strategic trifecta of locations offered a wide range of the highest quality natural olive and laurel authentic Aleppo ghar soap and other personal care items. This location also allowed for export channels and branches in multiple destinations around the globe along with remarkably well-connected distribution channels covering the main premium retailers and outlets within Syria.

Today, the founders have re-launched their business headquarters in Vienna in collaboration with their former production team members in southern Turkey. As well, they operate two retail stores for Natural Noble™ products in Vienna and working on expanding in Europe and abroad.


The company was established as a family business in 1998, and got significant success in a short time, closed its operations in syria in 2012, and currently reestablished and successfully running in Vienna and going on to become a significant market leader in the natural personal care sector


The company was established as a family business as a realization of its founder Mr. Nabil Andoura’s vision, accompanied by his son Mr. Ahmad Andoura, who is currently the CEO of the company, alongside a great team of colleagues and family members who are engaged with various elements of Noble’s operations.