The Laurel Crown and our Noble Logo

Natural Noble™ Soap Logo

The Story of our Logo

In the journey to rebuild our business, we faced a major question: should we change our logo? Should we just create a new modern identity rather than keep using the logo created way back in 1998 when Mr. Nabil Andoura first established the company in Damascus? It took us many days and nights thinking about it, asking friends, holding focus groups and consulting experts. In the end decided not to change it. Why? What makes us so attached to our logo aside from it’s prestigious, successful background and the story related thereto? Actually, choosing the same old logo for us was a choice of resistance and commitment to the quality and premium standard of our brand, its legacy, and the story it represents. Nothing could represent our mission more than the crown of natural, evergreen laurel leaves.

In the next few sentences, we will explain to you what makes the laurel leaves and our logo a perfect match.

Laurel illustration

The Laurel Crown

Humanity knew of and used essential oils for their antibacterial properties way before distilling it to produce alcohol for medical use. Back in the old days, warriors on the battlefield rubbed laurel leaves around their wounds and injuries in order to cleanse them, heal them and prevent them from getting infected thanks to the natural antibacterial properties that laurel leaf essential oil has. Read More about Laurel and it’s Oil benefits

And if the warriors survived and were victorious, they used to hang the laurel leaves around their heads on their way back home. Therefore their loved ones recognise their returning with a crown of laurel leaves as with a green, peaceful sign of their victory and glory,

From there the crown of laurels became a symbol of victory and glory. Gods, kings, emperors and brave civilians wore it as a symbol of glory and a message of victory,

Later ancient greek Olympics adapted it to be its official symbol and from there it became a universal immortal sign of glory, health and beauty.

Thus, we in “Noble Soap” found our selfs impressed by the beauty of this ancient story so we chosen the laurel crown to hold our brand name and be part of our logo as a continues sign of beauty, care and nature.